The Travelling Yogi

The Travelling Yogi

When I go on holiday I some days find it difficult to muster up the discipline for my yoga practice, with a change in daily routine, time and space constraints always being the obvious excuses.

These are tips on what I have observed to help keep me focused.

1. Travel with your mat

I recently went on a long trip and decided to leave my mat at home, knowing that I could borrow one at my destination and if not, who needs a mat anyway so long as there is a “mat-sized” space I can practice.

However I found excuses not to use the provided mat (for most of the time) and hardly used it.

When I have travelled with my mat I found that my motivation would be that if i didnt use it, it would have been such a wasted effort bringing it. As well as feeling more comfortable if I wanted to take it out for an outside practice or to take it to different destinations.

Taking your mat that you are comfortable with, there is less of an excuse not to practice yoga!

2. Invest in a travel mat

Having the knowledge that I must travel with a mat as a source of motivation, a travel mat would be a great investment. My mat, made of cork and natural rubber is nearly 3kgs! It adds to luggage weight and also takes up space. Travel mats are now light weight and can fit into almost any size luggage. Which means yoga can be practiced anywhere!

3. When in doubt – meditate!

I will develop a feeling if guilt and question my authenticity of being a yoga student and teacher if I dont manage to practice yoga asanas daily. On holiday it becomes more difficult if you have a schedule of sight seeing, or things you would like to do at your destination. I constantly remind myself:


I then find the time either before going to sleep or whilst travelling in cars, trains or planes to do a meditation and even a pranayama practice. All you need is the space for your body.

This always brings a sense of grounding and stability back into my body and mind.

4. Find a yoga buddy

If you are not comfortable doing yoga on your own. Ask a travel companion, family member or someone who may be close by and interested to join you. Beautiful bonds and friendships are also made this way.

I practice with my husband who is my greatest inspiration.

5. Dont know what to do?

People often would like to practice but dont know what to do. How about starting with a gentle stretch and then move into sun salutations.

Sun salutations awaken body and soul setting the day for a peaceful and stressfree holi-day!

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