Robyn Brookes

I started practicing yoga in 2014, and it has transformed my life. Yoga has helped me deal with stress and anxiety. Making peace with my body from the inside out, in understanding the healing power of connecting with myself. The time on the mat is an important part of my day, taking time to sweat, stretch, feel and most importantly breathe!

Yoga has taught me to live each day aware of my choices, learning how my mind sets up my own limitations and how through yoga practice I break down those limiting beliefs, as well as finding happiness within myself without having to search outwardly to people or things to find fulfillment.

Through inspiration and encouragement from family and friends, I decided to further my journey with yoga in India, where I completed the first 200hrs, followed by a 500hr Teachers Training Course. I studied multiple yoga styles including; traditional Hatha Yoga as well as the more dynamic Vinyasa style yoga, along with various Pranayama and Meditation techniques, and the beautiful philosophy of Yoga. It is rewarding to share this knowledge passed on from trustworthy and qualified teachers.

I am inspired in every class I teach, by students who are my family, to new students who become friends. Yoga inspires me daily to be a better version of myself than I was the day before. To lead classes in the essence of peace, with passion, authenticity, and grace is how I teach with purpose. Although I teach yoga, I will also forever be a student, learning, exploring and sharing!

If you could be any version of yourself – who would that be? Create Yourself!