Yoga Oval Egg


Yoga Oval Blocks – a great way to improve your flexibility, alignment, and good form.



– Material: EVA Foam

– Colour: Blue

– Dimensions: 30cm x 11cm x8cm


The high-density AHIM-SA yoga blocks are made of lightweight EVA foam with rounded edges that are easier to grip, even during the most advanced yoga poses. Starting yoga can be intimidating and these blocks will help you get the hang of it more quickly. They can be used to touch the ground or support your knees at first and then can be used for added challenges down the road.

Having two blocks instead of one will let you expand your practice to include even more poses—use the two blocks stacked together, spread on your back, or separately.


  • Curved, Oval shape yoga blocks allow you to feel the support you need, and gently move deeper into a posture.
  • Effective when used under the legs in seated postures
  • Great for reclining postures and supported back bends as they conform beautifully to the arc of your back – place multiple Ovals side by side for a wide support
  • Using the Ovals under your hands in forward bends, the Oval shape allows you to gently move deeper into your posture


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