The Power Of Intention

The Power Of Intention



In a world where we are being taught to live in the moment, in the now, let the past be the past and accept the future as it comes; lets explore the power of Intention…

An intention is a goal, or vision, that guides your activities, thoughts, attitudes, and choices. … You can set an intention in any area of your life- physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Although intentions start with a mental picture of your goal, intentions require focus, action, and positive energy to manifest. Through intention we need to look to the future, and visualise what it is we want to manifest. And from here we can make our dreams come true.

The Importance of Intention

Living with intention allows us to embrace the following

  • reclaiming our power
  • happiness
  • healthy lifestyle changes,
  • grow our businesses,
  • assist in stress management
  • a life of inspiration and fulfilment
  • discipline to accomplish what we wish to achieve
  • energy to kick our goals
  • a deeper respect for life

Making an Intention


In order to set an intention, I feel it would be wise to consider what we would like to acheive and the authenticity from where we are making this desire. The end manifestation of our dreams need to be not only for your sole benefit, but for the benefit of yourself and those  around you. With this in mind, our intention needs to feed our souls and not to be to just make another happy.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to assist in setting your intention for yourself and the benefit of the whole?

  1. What would you like to manifest in the world?
  2. Why would you like to bring this idea into reality?
  3. Who would benefit from this?
  4. Would there be anyone who could not benefit from this idea? Why
  5. Does this idea bring positivity and authenticity to your life?

See if you can set an intention from the answers of the above questions, condensing it one positive statement. All this can be put into an intention journal.

An Intention Journal

An intention journal is where you can set yourself daily targets to reach. It will give you a chance to plan your day without the overwhelming feeling of how are you going to reach your ultimate goal.  Or if you are feeling like you dont have a purpose at this time, giving yourself 3 tasks to do in the day will bring a sense of accomplishment to your days.

Make yourself and intention journal and get creative with it. Use colours and highlighters, paste or draw pictures making it a fun process for yourself to encourage continuity.

Every evening, as you reflect on your day make it a ritual to work in your intentions journal. Write down steps for the next day that you would like to complete to making your intention becomes reality. Keep the steps accessible, simple and easy to accomplish in that day.

Here is an example

1)Morning Meditation

2) Get ready for my day, enjoy my morning coffee and health breako (breakfast).

3)Write a list of people who can help in making my goal come true, and contact them to set up meetings to discuss my idea.

Todays Affirmation: Today I will be productive and peaceful no matter what comes my way

Do not put pressure on yourself if you do not have a big goal you wish to achieve at this time. You are always exactly where you need to be in life. If you are looking for a little purpose or not feeling productive within yourself perhaps this may help.

Visualise how you see your next day playing out and write 3 priorities to complete for the next day, maybe it could look something like this:

Wake up & shower

Morning run and gratitude practice.

3 priorites to complete today are:

I will be aware of time and be on time for meetings; fetching kids from school etc. 

I will put aside 1 hour of my day (10am-11M) to catch up on tasks I procrastinate about doing.

I will phone my mother/friend to check in and see how they are today!


During your day come back to the intentions and affirmations you have made and do your best to complete them.

An intention journal brings you to act on reaching your goals, “for an intention without action is merely a dream”

Another way to visualise your intentions is making a vision board – here you can place pictures and words where you will be able to see your dreams and make them reality.

You have the power within to live your best life! Learn from your past; visualise your future and live it in the moment!

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