Introvert, Inflexible and Inspired by Purpose…

Introvert, Inflexible and Inspired by Purpose…

My Journey so far.

Many moons ago you would not find me standing in front of 1 person guiding them through yoga poses – let alone a whole class of people.  I am a complete introvert, quiet while often distracted by conversations that go on in my mind (maybe a little crazy going on there, but hey, that’s what yoga is for – right?) and I am quite comfortable with my own company, to be in silence whether on my own or in a crowd.  Social situations?  I can be totally awkward, anxiety feels tangible as it pumps my heart and courses through my veins.

When I finished my first yoga teachers training, I felt proud and diminished at the same time. I had one teacher in tears, saying how he was moved by the transformation he had seen, this lit my heart up. However, no matter how much I have grown spiritually through my various trainings, my body still feels that it cannot bend or hold itself the way it should.

I remember asking one of my mentors coming back from the yoga training, how can I teach this practice when I cannot even touch my toes? Her response will forever be etched my consciousness,

“stop judging yourself, some of the best teachers are the ones who are not flexible. They can connect with students who feel the same.”

And so there I am doing my best to connect with students as well as my toes, on a daily basis.

Overcoming being an Introverted, Inflexible Yoga Teacher.

Facing the fear and the anxiety when teaching particularly if an experienced teacher shows up or a new face appears in class, it feels as though my heart is throbbing in my head and self-judgments are screaming at me (there goes the voices again…) I have my practice to thank for getting me through some hours by breathing, releasing judgments and feeling compassion for myself.

I remind myself that this path I have chosen to teach yoga, is not about me, it is about the people who I am looking at. They might be there to stretch or strengthen their body or maybe they facing  a stressful situation and they require the calming effect of yoga. I need to give my 100% so they can feel 100%.

The lesson and the gratitude

Its my people, my tribe of mentors, clients, friends and family that come into my class that inspire me, every day, to stand up, show up and teach them a new way to use their body and mind, passing on the teachings that were so respectfully taught to me. Growing and learning together, for every person who steps onto a mat, next to me or in front of me, THANK YOU!

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