The Crown Chakra

Vertex Center

1000 Petalled Lotus

Colours: White, Violet and Gold

Symbol: 1000 Petalled lotus

Principal: Purest Being

Associated part of the Body: Cerebellum & Pineal gland.

The Crown Chakras Purpose & Function

  • Connects with level of Being.
  • From this centre we begin our journey of Life, and to this place we return at the end of our development.
  • What we have understood intellectually and intuitively now reaches the point of complete comprehension.
  • We experience the most varied expressions of Creation.
  • As soon as the crown chakra is completely awakened, its task of absorbing cosmic energies comes to an end and it starts to radiate energy of it’s own accord.

Harmonious Functioning

There are no blockages as such in the 7th Chakra.

It can only be developed to a greater or lesser extent.

As this chakra opens – you will experience more & more moments when the division between your inner being and outer life recedes into the background.

You experience your real self as being part of the omnipresent pure Being which contains all matter.

Characteristics of a largely closed 7th Chakra.

We feel separated from abundance and wholeness.

We are not completely free of fear. Fear maintains remnants of blockages with in all chakras.

Cleansing and Activating

1. Nature – spending time alone on the peak of a mountain.

2. Om chanting meditations.

3. Aromatherapy – Lotus flower scentd bears the same message, guiding the receptive and ready soul on its path to Unity with God.

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