The Third Eye Center

The Third Eye Center

Ajna Chakra

Eye of Wisdom

Command Center

Colour ~ connected with the colour Indigo, yellow or Violet.

Principle ~ Knowledge of Being

Body parts ~ face, eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, cerebellum, central nervous system, pituitary gland.

The Purpose & Functioning of the 3rd Eye Center ¤ the conscious perception of being takes place through this chakra.

¤on a physical plane it is the highest centre of command for the central nervous system.

¤by mental power we are connected with the process of manifestation via the third eye.

¤it is here we can manifest and materialise consciousness.

Harmonious Functioning

▪︎The ajna chakra expresses itself in an active mind and advanced intellectual skills.

▪︎ One may possess a well-developed capacity for visualization and the ability to comprehend things intuitively.

▪Ideas seeminglessly come true.

▪The more this Center is developed, the more ones thoughts are based on a more direct inner awareness of reality.

▪︎ with a completely developed 3rd eye center, we can perceive the world in new ways .

Limitations of rational thinking will be transcended.

Disharmonious Functioning

~Life is determined by reason and intellect.

~One can easily become victim to intellectual arrogance. Leading to rejection of spiritual insight as unscientific and unreal.

~With this chakra out of balance one could manipulate another by force with the mind, simply to demonstrate power for personal gain.

Insufficient Functioning

Life might be dominated by material desires, physical needs & unreflected emotions.One may become forgetful, confused, muddled and reject spiritual truths.

Cleansing & Activating

Connect with the colour indigo; lie under the stars contemplating the space above.Mint & jasmine oil refreshes, clears and sharpens the mind when using aroma therapy for the eyebrow centre.

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