The Heart Center

The Heart Center

Anahata Chakra

This chakra holds a connection with the colour green, the element of air, sense of touch, and it’s symbol is a 12 detailed lotus.

“Devotion and self abandon.” Is the basic principle of this chakra.

Within our physical body it us connected to the heart, upper back, lungs, blood circulation and skin. And connects with the thymus gland.

Purpose & Function

This chakra is the center of the entire chakra system. Connecting the 3 lower physical & emotional centers with the 3 higher mental & spiritual centres.

Within this center we find the capability for empathy and sympathy.

We perceive beauty in nature and all forms of art.

When this center is open we achieve perfect union through love.

As well as have spontaneous healing or transforming influence on others.

This chakra is also connected with the 3rd eye.

Harmonious functioning

☆This chakra will work in conjunction with other chakras to transform you into a channel of divine love.

☆Radiates natural warmth, sincerity & happiness.

☆Your feelings are free of inner disturbances

☆You understand what Life in its purest and most original form signifies ~ an ever lasting expression of Divine love & bliss.

Disharmonius Functioning

•You expect recognition & reassurance for all the love you give.

•You may find it difficult to receive love.

•Tenderness and softness makes you feel embarrassed.

Insufficient Functioning

•Makes you vulnerable to injury.

•You come dependant on the love & affection of others.

•A fear of rejection develops

• Depression may occur.

Cleansing and ACTIVATING the Heart Center

Listening to classical music.

Practising ecstatic dance.

Surrounding yourself in nature.

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