Learning about the Chakras

Learning about the Chakras

It has been so lovely re-connecting once a month with my Reiki group. We have decided once a month to get together and discuss a topic and practice reiki.

Our topics at the moment is the Chakra system… I first learnt about the chakra system in my 200hr TTC and purchased a book call the Chakra Handbook which have been great reference tools!(Disclosure: This is where my notes have come from).

The more I delve into these energy centers, the deeper I go with-in myself to heal, not only my energy centers, but my body as well.

Let me share some light on what the Chakra System is!

“The law of physics state that energy is never lost in the universe, it is merely transformed.” <— Cool huh?

What are Chakras?

Chakra means to spin. Chakras are energy centers (like wheels that spin) that give, receive and create energy or prana (Vital life force). This energy/ life force is carried around the body via Nadis (channels, like veins..)

In Yoga philosophy we mostly work with 7 main Chakra centers located up from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.  3 main Nadi channels, Pingala, Ida and Sushuma (connected with the autonomous nervous system and kundalini energy.)

Chakra Cycles connection with Life

Even before we are born we go through different chakra stages – however these stages are in reverse as to when we “hit the ground :)” Starting from the crown chakra (centre of consciousness) to the root chakra – (connection with Earth).

After birth we start from the root through to the crown and we pass through the chakra system every 7 years. This is probably no coincidence that every 7 years our cells are completely renewed! We are pretty much a brand new person…

Blockages that Develop in the Chakras

Blockages that occur in our energy centers are formed from arising fear. They can form right from the onset of birth – an example could be when we are separated from our mothers at birth to be cleaned up and made to look cute, could cause fear within and therefore a block in one or more of the chakras…

Life events, negative energies and negative situations also cause blockages as we grow through life.

Blockages can also manifest through the nadi system.

Eliminating Blockages

  • Exposing ourselves to the vibrations that are close to the ones which are in harmony with functioning chakras free of blockages that vibrate naturally.
  • Calming the body and mind brings the energy system and physical body back in balance!  TAKE TIME OUT FOR YOURSELF!!!
  • A yoga practice, (asana, pranayama, mudrah and bandha) works to regulate the chakras and keeps the nadis flow of prana regulated through out the body.
  • Energy healing – Reiki, aromatherapy, crystal therapy or any other holistic therapies and therapists, that are qualified and you resonate with can clear out any blockages.

You can identify blockages yourself through introspection and noticing your life habits, or a qualified therapist will be able to assist you with any clearing or healing needed .

The Seven Main Chakras are

Sahasrara Chakra – Crown Center

Anja Chakra – Third eye Center

Vishuddi Chakra – Throat Center

Anahata Chakra – Heart Center

Manipura Chakra – Solar plexus Center

Svadistana Chakra – Sacral Center

Muladara Chakra – Root Center

more about these later…

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