Reflection of Yoga Teachers Training, 500hrs – 6 weeks, and 4 flights across the globe ?

Reflection of Yoga Teachers Training, 500hrs – 6 weeks, and 4 flights across the globe ?

Arriving and exploring…

Travelling to India is an exhilarating experience, even a second time around. After twenty four hours of travelling I landed in Dehra Dun and had a taxi waiting for me to transfer me to my school.

I had forgotten how crazy traffic in India is! Weaving and winding around corners and cars, dodging motorbikes and pedestrians – hooting is the common way to let everyone know you coming through! It seems to work that either the biggest, bravest or loudest vehicle gets right of way.

After the crazy taxi drive to my home for the next six weeks I met Acharya and I could feel my heart calm. Acharya is so kind, he has such a calming strength about him.

The first days in Rishikesh finding my way around with other students, finding the best place to shop, eat and finding our favourite chai spot (which is definitely Iras Kitchen and Tea Room). Braving walking over the Laxman Jhula, one of two suspension bridges that are over the Ganga, all your senses are awakened, with the slight sway of the bridge as people, scooters, cows are all walking one way or another and having to keep in mind the cheeky monkeys that steal people ice creams as they walk past.

The start of training was amazing, it felt like I was being reintroduced to myself again, with proper stretches and hands on adjustments, it’s an beautiful thing to practice yoga asana and to have compassionate and dedicated teachers by your side.

Weekend times were spent with an outing, depending on the weather of course, our first week we went to a cave of Shivas and meditated in the darkness and quiet. After we rested by the Ganga listening to philosophy of religious myths.

Rishikesh definitely has an energy of its own and the beautiful Ganga flowing through giving people a sense of cleansing and strength as they dunk in the rapids clearing karma.

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