The Journey Begins….

The Journey Begins….

Tomorrow I head off to the Sunshine City, (Harare) to apply for my visa to India, where I will be doing a 300hr teachers training course.

Now the preparations begin, for the next month I have decided (over hours of meditation and questioning) to stop my classes so that I can prepare myself for this course where I will delve deeper into the depths of my being and yoga practice.

Before I left for my 200 hour training last year in Goa, I had no idea what expect, now I do… over the next month you might see me more at gym (gaining strength), and longer self practice – (gaining strength) and perhaps the chanting of AUM humming out of my yoga & Reiki room a little more than now.

I am so excited to be able to travel to Incredible India, it really is a country to be explored with mindfulness and wanderlust. Travelling always causes anxiety so this is one way I will face another fear grow from every experience that comes my way.

And the gratitude I feel for my loved ones who encourage me, can not be put in words. Especially my husband, who supports my journey, and let’s me be in my essence and nurtures my purpose.

With intention of purpose to coming home with a deeper understanding of yoga, to live in integrity as a yoga student and yoga teacher to share yoga at your doorstep ….watch this space with me and let’s see what emerges ?

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