An Equestrian Relaxation

An Equestrian Relaxation

Yoga has opened my mind to stepping out of my comfort zones, it has promoted to thinking outside the box and away from social conditioning and finding freedom in facing what I fear.


Discussions and decisions

I recently had a conversation with one of my beautiful students who told me about a relaxation on a horse. The way she described it sounded incredible and a thought flickered through my mind about giving it a try. A few weeks later a voucher arrived on my desk for a session at Healing with Horses. This is an organisation I have had an intention on connecting with after being approached  by volunteers to see if there could be any collaboration with yoga to raise awareness in their worthy cause; Giving therapy to disadvantaged children and adults with disabilities  through Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies.

Immediately, I made an appointment with a little apprehension in my mind, as the last time I was on a horse I was 8 years old at riding school with a friend, on this beast called Black Beauty! At one stage during the class, the gentlemen holding us ran to assist another child and Black Beauty bolted, and I fell off him…  Fortunately I wasn’t hurt too badly, bar from a few grazes. However, the biggest injury was a fear developed for these magnificent beasts and I started to admire horses from afar..

As I arrived at Healing with Horses Centre (Southern Equestrian)  I met Gill. Immediately she made me feel at ease as she lead me to get a helmet and explained that they make sure we are 100% safe as all the persons and horses have had vast training for these therapeutic sessions.

Meeting Staunch Friend

Butterflies floated around my belly as we walked up to meet this beautiful creature that would carry me for the next half our. Gill introduced me to Staunch Friend, a retired showjumper who now has a new career in healing therapy.  I was taught how to introduce myself to a horse, and as horses are highly intuitive to our feelings, made sure I was to be more relaxed and trust in the process about to happen. Gill was made aware of my fear of horses, and ensured a comfortable environment by organising John who walked next to me and we were lead by Evans. This was such a relief and I felt the fear fade into the distance of my mind.

Movement, Motion & Relaxation

Aileen joined us and guided me into total bliss. Feeling into the motion and movement of Staunch Friend and completely letting my body free itself of any tension.

At one stage in the process it felt as though we were walking sideways, I saw the ocean with gentle waves foaming up the shore, a beautiful sunset in the distance… Aileens voice came into my awareness as she asked if I had fallen asleep on the horse. My eyes opened to the sun beginning to set and I felt the cool winter air surround me and came back to the peaceful environment of Healing with Horses Centre.

At the end of the ride my body felt open and my mind was calm, we chatted about incorporating Yoga with this amazing relaxation, paid our gratitudes and I went on my way home.

During the course of the evening, whether I was in stillness or movement my joints felt liquid, like every move I made I was moving through air. I slept easily with no interuptions, I could hear the wind rushing through the trees and the beep of appliances turning off as the electricity went out, but nothing disrupted my rest. A dreamless, thoughtless night to wake up feeling at peace with the world.

For all of you: if you are tired of being tired, need a time out to just be, to feel into the power connection and the freedom in trust – jump out of your comfort zone and experience this Equestrian Relaxation you will definately feed a craving and go back for more…           

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