Bend So You Don’t Break (Backbends)

Bend So You Don’t Break (Backbends)

Backbends in yoga is something which most of us who feel inflexible often avoid; they hard, scary, working into our spine which is one of the most important parts of our body it seems best to leave it alone… But here are some reasons why we need to be bigger than our fears and excuses and work into our back body.

Stretches Front Body

Backbends stretch chest, solar plexus and thighs. They counter act postures from our daily lives, like sitting in a car or chair for long periods or hunching over keyboards or cellphones inturn ultimately improving our posture.

Strengthen Back Muscles

As we enter and hold back bends we strengthen back muscles releasing pressure from the spine and helps relieve back pain.

Releases Emotions & Fears

When we feel threatened or anxious our natural response is to curl into ourselves. Backbends opens us in the opposite way, energizing the anahata chakra (Heart energy center), opening us to live more fully. We may face certain fears moving into backbends as it may feel unnatural or awkward teaching us to surrender and let the present moment be.

Backbends can release stored emotions in our body, such as frustration, fear, anger or sadness and also compassion, joy, love and forgiveness.

Improves Spine Flexibility

“You are only as young as your spine is flexible.”

Flexibility in the spine relieves back pain, and will have a “knock on” effect in releasing tension in the rest of the body.

Backbends can be fun and playful keeping body and mind fun and playful!

Remember to practice backbends with care and consult your Dr if you have concerns about practicing them.

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