6 Ways To Deal With Stress

6 Ways To Deal With Stress

1. Move your body

During tense situations stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are realeased into the body, these are also known as “fight or flight hormones”.

Physical exercise can be used to metabolize stress hormones and use pent-up energy.

Getting into a routine of doing some form of daily movement, whether going for a brisk walk, blasting your favourite tunes and dancing around your coffee table, joining a gym or starting a yoga practice will restore your body and mind to a calmer, more relaxed state.

2. Get Into Nature

Nature heals…

Taking break and stepping outside and taking a few deep breaths of fresh air reduces heart rate, muscle tension and the production of stress hormones.

3. Relaxation Techniques

A ten minute meditation relaxes body and mind.

A morning meditation sets your day in clarity and you feel calmer to face any confrontation or unexpected problems.

Meditation assists with decision making and problem solving.

Two great meditation practices for relaxation and re-energizing are the Yoga Nidra meditation and chakra cleansing meditations.

4. More Compassion Less Reaction

We seem to live in a world of reaction, taking feedback from the universe personally.

Every person has their own truths. Through our life we meet people from all walks of life and we all choose our different life paths. When we come across a person or situation that might not meet our expectations, we sometimes re-act and impose our truth into the situation. If we approach these situations from a place of compassion we then co-create a world of compassion and acceptance, instead of aggression and separation.

5. “The Attitude of Gratitude”

Everything in life comes our way for a reason and a lesson. If we don’t learn the lessons life gives us, the lessons are likely to keep recurring. When we live in gratitude for all, even through tough times, life may move in a harmonious flow.

Thank life for the motivation, inspiration, happiness and the simple privilege of taking your first waking breath in the morning!

6. Practice What You Read

We have so much information at our fingertips; books, blogs, quotes & through social media! All which may inspire – how ever we have a tendency to read and move on. If there is a practice that resonates with you to help you through the day, make time to actually do it. And see how quickly your stress becomes more and more manageable!

Namaste! And wishing you a stress free day!

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